Industry Partner Form

Interested in becoming an IREM Industry Partner? Please complete and submit the form below or call our office at 214-368-2181. 

Application decisions will be based on availability. Submitting an application does not guarantee you a spot as an Industry Partner. If your application is approved, you will be invoiced for the annual Industry Partner fee of $2,000. 

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Industry Partner applicants are required to provide two business references. 

Submission Agreement

Industry Partners are not members of the Institute. Only CPM® members, ARM® members, AMO® firms, ACoM and Associate members may be referred to as “members”. By signing below, I agree that I shall not hold myself out to be a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, nor shall I use or permit the use of the CPM®, ARM® or AMO® intellectual property or any other indication of membership in, or affiliation with, the Institute. I understand that, if approved as an, Industry Partner I may use the name of the Institute of Real Estate Management and/or its acronym “IREM®” only in conjunction with the words “Industry Partner “of” for the sole and limited purpose of indicating that I am a Partner of the Institute.”  The IREM® Industry Partners logo can be requested from the office and used as long as you are a Partner in good standing.

The Dallas “IREM® Industry Partners” program is not a National program but solely and exclusively under the direction and administration of IREM® Dallas of the Institute of Real Estate Management. All rules, regulations, privileges, and penalties, cost, dues, changes, modifications, administration and such are under the sole discretion of the Executive Council of IREM® Dallas. IREM® Dallas reserves the right to modify and/or terminate participation and/or the program without prior notice.  This application is subject to approval and is not a confirmation of admittance to the Industry Partners program. By signing below you agree to the terms and conditions as set forth above.

  Check here to indicate that you have read and agree to the above terms